Free $5 LR Exploit HYIP without Invest

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    Hello all bhw members,
    I don't know this post useful for you or not..
    This my friend methods to get $$ into him LivertyReserve account
    Like i said this methods does not need you speed money.. but it's up to you..
    ROXILIA...!! you know this website ? yes.. this HYIP who paid their members 3,5 - 6,5% with minimal deposit $10 - $5000. But this methods from affiliate.. ROXILIA will give you free $5 if you can get members from your affiliate link..
    Ok enough.. you can check all details it they'r website..

    Let follow this easy methods :
    1. Install Sanbox or CCleaner to delete cookies
    2. Register to ROXILIA(my reff) or roxilia dot com
    3. After done save your aff link in notepad
    4. Search proxy and use it ( u can find in this forum )
    5. Open your Sanbox browser or normal browser if you want use ccleaner
    6. Register trough your affiliate link
    7. Use fake info but must real.. u can use fakenamegenerator or search in other website
    8. Please make sure u'r info match with your proxy and also check Your Upline is correct
    9. Enter secure code and then click register..
    10. Check your email to activate your account
    11. Done.. close your browser and use cleaner

    Please make sure, don't register more than 20 accounts in 1 day.. make it look natural..
    For 10 signup = $0.1/day
    For 100 signup = $1/day

    Note :
    - I'm not responsible about this methods please improve your self
    - This HYIP, i didn't guarantee this method will last a long time
    - If you register under my reff, I appreciate it very much + 1 skype voucher.

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    Interesting. will have a try. thanks.
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    google DoItAgain