[FREE $400+ service] I'll create beautiful WordPress websites for BHW users

I have new website that i would love to create a beautiful design for.... I will leave my review after that.
id be interested, in need of particular genuine site at the minute that would be a good change for you from seo and cpa sites
I am very interested. My current site could use a complete overhaul. Thanks for your time.
I am super, super interested in this. Seriously, I'd love to have a good designer work on a site for me. I have a few great domains for you to choose from too. Let me know.
am interested, looking/expecting professional design for my website... thank you!
I am interested. I was building an ecommerce wordpress blog but i am not that skillfull and therefore i am not too happy with the looks of it. maybe you can create something better and i will give you a nice review. let me know.
I already have a domain set up with Wordpress installed. If you helped me out I could give a very well written review. It would be in the 500 word range covering every facet of your service, much more effective than the two liners you will receive from most members....
I'm also interested although my post count probably isn't ideal for you. On the upside I have a multitude of domains that you can choose to develop on so you can have complete creative control.

PM me if you are interested and I will pm you a list :)
Hi! I am very interested and would like to know if spots are available still. Thanks!
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