[FREE $400+ service] I'll create beautiful WordPress websites for BHW users


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Nov 28, 2011
I am offering free WordPress website creation service. All the websites I'll create will go into my showcase/portfolio.
Please post here that you're interested. Do NOT PM me, I'll PM you myself to get your website's admin details.

I'll give priority to people with high post count, high reputation and/or Donor (and up) membership levels. I would love to create /(work on a) new site but if you want me to work on your existing site I am okay with that too.


  1. Domain name (not free)
  2. Hosting (not free - if you don't have hosting I can help you get one)
  3. A WordPress (not free) template


  1. Installing WordPress securely.
  2. Adding your theme.
  3. Adding (your) pages, (your) content, widgets etc
  4. Creating contact form.
  5. Optimizing server load and site speed.
  6. Optimizing .htaccess file.
  7. Taking care of threats by adding and configuring some plugins.
  8. Creating a script to backup DB and emailing you that db daily.


  1. No adult, music/videos, casino/gambling, warez/illegal site.
  2. I'll not copy some one else site for you.
  3. I need a review after I have completed my work.
  4. I have the right to showcase your site anywhere on the internet.
  5. I have the right to deny any request at anytime.
  6. I have the right to stop providing this free service anytime.

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Yes man im interested.I need a web design,timeline cover design,and other graphic design service site all in one website.
Please PM me if im selected..
I have a site that is being hosted on a VPS though I have some issues with it cuz it is slow. Its E-Commerce site and ranked well
Let me know if you are able to assist me with that
I would love a Wordpress theme, I have a blog that is ready set up for me, just need the theme.
I have an acne site that needs a face lift, getting ready to rework it but will take up an offer if you can do it for me.
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