Free 12 Months Web Hosting


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Apr 1, 2008
So I was searching around and stumbled upon free hosting. Now I am not sure how good the company is but it all seems to be working well for me.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post my an affiliate link but I signed up to post her as well we all like money. If you not happy with this then remove the parts after dot com.

Anway visit

From here click signup now

Once there you will see on the right a coupon box type in WO01 and click apply.

The box should now change to Free 12 month hosting. I dont think I need any further instructions after this as its obv.

Please note I am in no way linked to this company in anyway I only found it and shared here.

Any issued PM me.

Oh and if it asks maybe keep in the UK as its a UK company and thats where im based.
How much traffic can they handle ? Recently , one of my site on zyma got suspended .My site is getting 5k visitors daily
read this
Zyma support sucks and they banned my account for being inactive for just 10 days.
the order initially showed clear for 1 year free hosting after applying the provided code, but this am they post edited the order to 1 free month. however, that's really all I need from them atm anyway.

Thanks for the share, g$
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