Free 1000 human visitors for 10 users!

review, asked for this for a site 10 minutes ago and have had 1889 unique visitors in the las 10 minutes , great service. tried to give +rep but couldnt, thanks left
Hy enc0re, count me in please, I will send you my url to you, check yor pms :) THANKS! +rep

Best Regards
Luckysunny and bobbymultani, your urls rejected.
Reason is one of those:
- Landing page contains framebreaking script(s);
- Landing page contains auto-playing sound(s);
- Landing page contains pop-up / pop-under script
I can't pm just yet... I hope you have read my post just above this one.

The website is markt52(.)nl

I hope you could help me out with this one.
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