Freaky Facebook Trick


Dec 25, 2007
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Facebook Trick

FB trick - press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter key then press up and down then magic circles will appear! The only way to stop it is to log off or reload the page...IT WILL WORK! Put this as your status if it worked for you... Best ever tribute to Nintendo cheat. ~got this from Leng Bernardino
I swear I posted this on my FB on Saturday after I saw a forum post. I got like 78 comments saying how cool it was. In about 5 hours I saw numerous statuses posting what you just posted.
hahaha lurve it, new facebook viral for my friends lol
I knew this trick back when i was pawning Contra on Nintendo!!

Does this trick give you 30 free FB accounts after every execution??
Circles were pretty lame, cool idea though.
That is pretty cool. I see it posted all over Facebook now but still a good find. Brings back memories of the good ole days...
left down left right down right left left right right B A twinkle toes do the stanky leg shake ya booty up left right right smack a hoe up down.

This code gives immortality.
will check it tomorrow (gotta go to sleep now, its too late here)
Just read it, hilarious! My wife asked what's so funny reading bhw posts.. then she laughed too.. :D
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