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Fraudster goober black hat service blames xrumer

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by wulf2ram, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. wulf2ram

    wulf2ram BANNED BANNED

    Mar 16, 2010
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    LONG ASS POST WARNING HAVE YOUR BRAIN IN GEAR! (105 lines 3208 characters)

    So guys this took me about 2-3 hours to complete this report on my service from goober xrumer 4000 pr2+ backlinks

    4000 PR2+ Backlinks ordered to 7 anchors

    So it took about 10 days to get the service done so goober said ill do more links for you! Great yeh! So heres what i got!

    1 Report supplied 16655 urls no information how many went to each anchor very bad report just a list of 16,655 backlinks no other info.

    16655 reported backlinks
    14470 duplicated links
    2185 real links PR0-PR8 (5 PR7 2 PR8)
    987 backlinks PR2+
    64 indexed pages

    Backlinks correct anchor distribution.

    Anchor 1: 160 Ordered 1000
    Anchor 2: 80 Ordered 500
    Anchor 3: 12 Ordered 500
    Anchor 4: 0 Ordered 500
    Anchor 5: 0 Ordered 500
    Anchor 6: 0 Ordered 500
    Anchor 7: 0 Ordered 500

    Url Only links - links with just the http:// no anchor.

    Url 1: 156
    Url 2: 47
    Url 3: 0
    Url 4: 0
    Url 5: 0
    Url 6: 0

    4 backlinks with the anchor text "home" or "home page"

    252 anchored backlinks
    203 non-anchored backlinks

    459 total backlinks

    All Url Domain! PR Ranks

    1 PR7
    8 PR6
    20 PR5
    24 PR4
    34 PR3
    53 PR2
    53 PR1
    260 PR0 or N/A

    Anchors Domain! PR Ranks 254 total links anchored properly.(the only links with real value)

    1 PR6
    5 PR5
    10 PR4
    13 PR3
    26 PR2
    39 PR1
    158 PR0 or N/A

    55 links pr2+ with correct anchors and pr value vs payed for 5000 pr2+


    Now I obviously this is a question is xrumer at fault is xrumer this in efficent?

    No I dont believe so.

    Considering that 15000 backlinks where duplicated I dont believe xrumer would do that I have no experience of the program but why would it split out the exact same link to a profile 7 times? exact link ? makes no sense and doubt it would happen.

    I have just checked the theory that simply the proper links where just duplicated 7 times in the excel file. This isnt the case that = 15000

    So how did this happen? I did some checks on some duplicates there where upto 7 instances of some of the links very odd!

    So the question is should we trust xrumer service's? or should we just not trust goober to know what he is doing?

    It took me about 4 seconds to check the duplicate links this should of bin the start of the scrape process for goober

    The next part should have bin the checking of the page rank Then the next bit would of bin to scrape another 3013 sites to place backlinks that are pr2!

    By my judgement of the xrumer service in general without using it.

    If done the way above and prepare a scraped list properly I would estimate the correct success rate for anchored urls to be 12.5% with 12.5% going to non anchored urls.

    Total 25% of order links should be live
    12.5% should be correctly anchored.

    This means 500 links should be correct instead i have 55..

    So my anchor distrubition should look like this

    Anchor 1: 124 Ordered 1000
    Anchor 2: 62 Ordered 500
    Anchor 3: 62 Ordered 500
    Anchor 4: 62 Ordered 500
    Anchor 5: 62 Ordered 500
    Anchor 6: 62 Ordered 500
    Anchor 7: 62 Ordered 500

    At that rate id be happy with the service I received.

    To sum it all up I wasted 3 hours analyzing my links I guess I would have gone so deep if the 14k duplicates didnt come up first! So over 3 hours wasted for 55 links and I paid £94.53 or nealy $150 for the privelage..

    Goober has said on msn that he refuses to refund me and blames xrumer.

    I will be taking this up with paypal and I hope for the love of god you do not take up goobers services.
  2. wulf2ram

    wulf2ram BANNED BANNED

    Mar 16, 2010
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    please check any lists received from goober with scrapebox for duplicates this is the main part of his scam.

    If you would like me to check for you incase you dont have it let me know.
  3. wulf2ram

    wulf2ram BANNED BANNED

    Mar 16, 2010
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    bumped for members security members seem to have not noticed that this member has turned rogue and is still getting sales.
  4. darkface

    darkface Senior Member

    Oct 8, 2009
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    Mate u are in the complete wrong section, this has to go into the shit list not here...
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  5. wulf2ram

    wulf2ram BANNED BANNED

    Mar 16, 2010
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    ah sorry mods please move if applicable.

    Mods please deal with the person in question to if possible! Giving BHW a bad name!
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