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Fox's Real and Quality Blogpost Service @ Unthinkable Price - Grab It Now !!!

Discussion in 'SEO - Link building' started by SEO FOX, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. strawhat150

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    Jan 29, 2014
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    Placed another one!
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  2. SEO FOX


    Apr 27, 2015
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    Infront Of U!!
    Home Page:

    Please check my Clients Review Here:

    @pandasfriend said:
    Got my order delivered, fast TAT(less than 48 hours), posts are pretty good quality with related photos as promised and flashy titles. Worth the price, that is for sure.

    @lightningblitz said:
    Are these real Guest Posts or PBN links?

    EDIT: Placed an order and also a review copy.

    @traihu said:
    Please confirm transaction ID: 73D9xxxxx933G

    @Nonilol said:

    I received my free review copy yesterday. I got the report via pm, however when I first checked the link, I got shown a database error, the second time it loaded, but the third time I got shown a 502 error.
    According to the seller, he was updating his hosting and apparently it is fixed now.

    The 310 word article was well written and good to read. Not outstanding, but much better than articles I got in the past from "native" writers. The link is contextual and looks extremely natural.


    18 31 74 3 10Y,118D 2005

    I do recommend the service and I might order a few posts for my upcoming projects.

    @nincyface said:
    I have received my review copy in less than 24 hours. The article looks handwritten and unique. It features two related images and the content is decent enough for Tier 1 as a PBN should be.

    The domain is aged(first registered 9 years ago) and is PR2. It has a DA of 22 and a TF of 18. I feel like this seller brings a lot of value for the amount it costs and is definitely worth it. I would definitely consider ordering in the future!

    @francis1017 said:
    Got my review copy very fast!

    PR 4 PA 31 DA 19 TF 28

    Awesome! I recommend this service 100%!
    Great readable article with 2 related images too!

    @codded said:
    My review:

    My article posted at domain with PA-31, DA-20, TF & CF 21 and already indexed at google. That's great !
    Also, the quality was good enough with two related images.

    Price is very good for that you get. :cool:

    @veboo said:
    I Received My Free review copy of 1 blogpost from OP.

    The article was posted in a solid looking general niche blog under proper category and tags. The metrics are as follow,

    PR 3
    DA 18
    PA 31
    TF 37

    The link profile of the site is also natural and without spammy anchortexts.

    My keyword is currently bouncing between the 2nd and 3rd pages of Google. Let us see whether this single link could do something for me..

    Thank you OP


    @ORJay said:

    PR PA DA TF 3 32 20 23
    Great domain
    Readable article with 2 images
    For less than $2/ post (with coupon) the service looks like a great deal

    @raenic said:
    We received a test link and the results were promising.

    PA 18, DA 31, MOZ Rank 4.79, PR 3

    The content was fairly well written and looked human. For the price it is a great deal, and I will be trying a larger package myself.

    @elhosary said:
    My Honest Review

    I got free post and here is my honest review

    Content: 4/5

    i got 300 words unique article ,its ok for this price but not that great

    The post have 2 relevant pictures

    Domain Stats: 4/5

    The domain have the following stats

    Age: 7 years
    PA: 32
    Cf: 28
    Referring Domains: 62

    Overall: 4/5

    recommended for its cheap price

    @whiteblackseo said:
    Got an awesome review copy and I am genuinely impressed with the results for a review!
    The link/domain I was give had impressive metrics, the article was a 300+ word, 2 image article which looked very good. What more can I say!, good link, good seller, good product!

    View attachment 75465

    Only cause I got 1 link! :)

    @sam3724 said:
    Well structured post on a domain with high metrics, thats what you can expect from a guest posting service!

    Got my review copy, satisfied. Gud luck with sales OP

    @Windmm said:

    Just received the report of my free review copy today.
    Domain - TF: 38 (WTF??) CF: 29 Backlinks: 300 (most backlinks are from really high TF websites).
    Content is unique, readable and contains related images.
    Perfect service with the price overall!

    Just placed an order a few days ago. Gonna write a detailed review in the future!

    @BUYSMM said:
    Just got my review copy.
    I'm impressed !
    I'm ordering a 20 posts package even though I was not thinking about getting additional seo services for the next month !
    Transaction ID ending 3911N

    @CreativeLinks said:
    OP provided me with a review link, the link of my website was placed contextualy. Content quality is good. I recommend this service :)

    @woodraz said:
    Review: Got my test link. Domain looks clean, PR2 PA31 DA20 TF21. Content is unique and readable, 307 words, already indexed. Great service

    @moneymagnet246 said:
    Got a review copy now here's my feedback: Got a blogpost with good stats. Verified all metrics and good content. Very quick TAT and bookmarked the thread for future reference. Waiting on it to be picked up by Google but that doesn't happen in 24 hours :p Definitely recommend!

    @nabeelshams said:
    I was lucky enough to get a review post.
    *The blog he gave me a post on, looked awesome. It had a cool theme and was really manually set.
    *The post got indexed very quickly
    *Metrics were exactly as told in the PM
    *Relevant images were used.

    Happy with the link. I would recommend this service.

    @Iamtheman said:
    I got my review copy.I was surprised to see that his post indexed by google in 2 days? How did you do that. Its amazing service.Article was 100% unique with 2 image. I have added you on skype to order more.Thank you

    @fostdecile said:
    I got my review copy. Was quite surprised at the quality provided especially from the articles. Image were spot on and the articles were not spun.

    TF: 18
    CF: 28

    Gonna order one pretty sooN!

    @thetiny1 said:
    I got my review copy. Article is good, relevant and handwritten. Had 2 relevant images in the article too. I'm impressed! Would recommend

    @Ambitious12 said:
    OP provided me one link of guest post of his service,with PR 3.
    I did business with OP for articles writing earlier and i say he is amazing at writing,idk why this time content was not up to that level but thats cool.
    I will give 9/10,go ahead OP and rock the market.
    Good Luck!!!

    @MisterF said:
    My review;

    Article wasn't spun, it was well presented and readable.

    Metrics were good;

    4 29 20 15

    Quickly delivered and prompt communications.

    @ucozer said:
    I just recived my review copy from him , the domain has the following stats:

    PR 3| DA 19| PA 31| TF 25

    And has some great backlinks , the blog looks really nice and also my article it's well writen and with 2 nice pictures .

    I recommend this service for everybody !

    Thank You ,

    @rizumarian said:
    Awesome work ,strong metrics received !

    Very happy with the service!

    @SEOSPERM said:
    Got my review copy today and all I can say, everything looks perfect. One of my main kw is dancing at 4th to 5th page -- Recommend to everyone here.

    Add me on skype: seosperm (Want to place a few orders)

    @pulkitseo said:
    Thanks for the review copy.
    I was the lucky one to get review.
    I got the links from DA 18, PA,32, TF-22
    The link was indexed that very day by google.
    At this price OP is offering looks value for money.


    @gillseafood said:
    I got my review copy. Was quite surprised at the quality provided especially from the articles. Image were spot on and the articles were not spun.

    @software248 said:
    Got a great review! 10/10 and I have already bought a pack for my websites!!!

    @funds said:
    The report was delivered recently, and I had a chance to look at the quality of this service. My link has been placed appropriately in a 300-word article, which contained 2 relevant images. The article is handwritten, but not by a native speaker. I like the metrics of the website itself, as it has a TF of 27 and a PR of 4. It's a WordPress blog with a clean theme focusing on multiple categories. It was nice to see that the post with my link was indexed the same day by Google. This service offers competitive prices and my order was processed very quickly.

    @jutt29 said:
    Sorry for the late Review as i was away from my computer.
    The article was well written and posted on the relevant blog. I have received the article very next day..
    Recommended to everyone and i 'll also use it for my next project.

    @nodyguy said:
    Ordered it for old site and it got it from #27 to top10, awesome job!
    I will surely order again for my other websites.
    Keep up the good job bro!

    @on1x1 said:
    Just received my report from this guy. The links are very good matrics. PR 2 - 4. TF = 16 AVERAGE for all domains. This is great.
    Links are placed on good articles, unique articles. Articles contain 2 pictures.
    Im very hapy with these links.

    @rooneyviet said:
    got the review.

    really good metric for the site. pr3, tf 23, da19. got indexed in few hours.
    the article although not written by native, but still really good.

    about the seller OP. I ordered from him 3 times for the content and I'm always pleased with the quality no matter it's native writer or freelanced writer.

    so with this blogpost service, I think it will help ranking a lot for your site. definitely recommend!

    @SEOMagicianAL said:
    This PBN service kicks ass!

    Seing great improvements on my keywords! Couldn't ask for more, competition is medium.

    @dewangj said:
    Blogpost created by them are good, expecting some SERP gain... Thanks for the quick service and awesome communication...

    @pradep89 said:
    I got my report today and all work seems really good and i reallly like the quality of website they used. Every blog seems real and all has really good matrix as well. so according to me at this price its really good deal. But it will be good if i get ranking positive moment as well. So lets wait for 1 or 2 week than i will update here.

    @Lightinz said:
    Amazing service... Site jumped to Rank 2 from rank 5 within a week from the time it was published.

    @kolanut said:
    This is definitely a great service! The price is possibly THE BEST PRICE FOR RESULT i've seen so far! my keywords have already started going up the serp although it's been just a couple of days ago since I got my reports.

    Thanks for a WONDERFUL SERVICE, I will order some more soon

    @008Rohit said:

    1. Great looking sites with aftermarket themes.
    2. Great stats for the price.
    3. Decent content for the price.
    4. Decent TAT and support.

    Overall: Can't go wrong at this price. :)

    @amin99 said:
    Got my Review Copy
    The Domain was very Clean
    Quick Delivery

    10/10 For This Service

    will definately buy this next month

    @pakman said:
    Just got my review copy I provided the article for the post. First of the deliver time was very quick I mean it was a couple of hours. I also really liked that SEO FOX also added some images to the post really makes it look more professional. I checked the site stats as well and they were pretty good PR 2 PA 32 DA 33 TF 18.

    Will definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for good quality posts.

    @Takoona said:
    Review. I had a review copy and submitted my own article. Everything went perfect. Sent my article and within literally 5 minutes it was live on the site. It has two nice images in the post that fit the subject 100%.

    The site is nice and clean and relevant to my article subject which is always nice. Just checked SERP and my url is already indexed. Great service. Very fast TAT and I would recommend. Will save this service and seller for future campaigns.

    @akssiv2007 said:
    Received my review copy from op today.
    Service was as described. I provided the article and it was delivered in a few hours. The domain was a clean one and good metrics. Highly recommended.

    @adroit said:
    Excellent service ....recommend service its 100% working ..cheers ,,,keep up the good work will order again

    @nirose said:
    Got my review order of 1 link:

    and the domain's rank provided were real (checked through Moz OSE): PR2, DA, PA over 30 but the domain had 4/17 spam score and just 2 established links.

    So he's providing what he promised for a reivew.

    Thanks a lot for the link

    @alexgomez said:
    Received my report some days ago (20 blog posts; 1 URL, 2 KWs), here it is my review:

    * Around 300 words and two photos per post.
    * In general, nice content and design.
    * TAT and average scores as promised.
    * SERP increase in both KWs: from page 3 to page 2

    In short, more than satisfied with the service.


    @nincyface said:
    I received my review copy of this service.

    The delivery time was fast enough. The PBN post was absolutely human readable and of a very good quality. The post itself was 350 words, with two relevant images. The domain it was placed on has great metrics and I'm sure this will help rank my keyword.

    If all domains in this pbn are as good as this, I would definitely recommend this service.

    @neverquitting said:
    Received a free review post from SEO FOX. Post seemed handwritten and readable and was placed on a site with DA 27 and homepage TF 17. In short, the service does what it says on the tin. Best of luck with continued sales, Fox!

    @whiteblackseo said:
    Good metrics seems good. Gotta see results now.

    @SEOANG3L said:
    Received a Review Copy and service seems to be powerful, just with the single stuff my medium keyword is now on bing.
    I hope it will come quite soon on Google too.
    Right now, the status is NA but it is ranking on Bing and yahoo.
    The keyword is related to fashion and yes, it is ranking on page 2 and 3 respectively on the above mentioned Search Engines.

    The site is well designed with active social networking part and the metrics were quite good.
    PR = 3
    DA = 30+
    PA= 25+
    TF= 15+

    Will update serp too, later on.

    Recommended with smile to all
    : SEOANG3L

    @soccerlover said:

    I'm happy to place a review for my friend.
    It ain't the fake one or so (If anyone want, they can ask for URL.. I'm happy to share)
    Keeping a friendship apart and moving ahead with the Review Copy,
    I must say, the OP did a great job (sorry to call OP :p), my keyword is one of the trending keyword and implmentation service.
    The search count were near around 300 for the targeted keyword with a bit of competition.
    With those metrics (PR : 3, PA : 38, DA : 26 & TF : 17) it is now ranking on google from NA to #132, I hope it will improve more and more as well.
    Great job mate and you rock as always.

    Stay Blessed and I'm sure you'll get succinct.
    Recommended for Sure :)


    @Mermer99 said:
    I got my free review and i can say that OP delivered a great backlink on a site with great metrics:
    PA is 35, DA is 24 and TF is 16. providing such links with such price is amazing, i will order next week OP! Thanks.

    @giangdg said:
    Got a review copy. The domain looked nice and had great metrics: PR:3 - PA:38 - DA:26 - TF:17 - Ref: 200+. The article is readable and comes with a picture. Nice service! Recommended.

    @tdose said:
    I am lucky to receive a review copy posted on a domain (PR:3 PA:31 DA:18 TF:14)

    300 words readable and copyscape passed article and comes with 2 pictures.

    Provided 1 keyword, no movement yet (too soon to comment). Will monitor and order from Fox if it bring positive ranking.

    Overall this service look good and highly recommended.

    @Tove said:
    Got my review copy:
    Here are the metrics: PR:3
    DA: 25
    Article is not bad, overall nice service.

    @JasonS said:
    Just received my review copy a while ago:

    Article was good along with one image.

    Domain metrics,

    PR: 3
    PA/DA: 29/16
    TF: 37

    Overall 9/10

    @KishoSRB said:
    Just receved my review copy:

    PA:29 DA 16

    Really clean website with normal domain.Everything looks natural.
    Text is Ok, 2 images included.

    Overall 9/10

    I will use this service for sure.


    @cspro01 said:
    Got my review copy, service was as described 300 words content with related images TF and CF is above 20, PR 3, and DA 15 PA 24.
    Highly recommend service.

    @hdaackda said:
    Just got a review copy!! Excellent TA/DA, nice human readable article!

    thanks a lot. Will be worth every penny!

    @raiju said:
    Just got my post done!

    Very happy. The domain is top notch! Definitely should see a bump in the serps soon! Really happy with the service.

    Will be ordering again soon :)

    @justinbee said:
    Just received your free review copy a few days ago.. I was on a trip so sorry for late review
    Review: he provided me a blog post in a PR 3 blog with VERY LOW OBL, the domain metrics as described! Thank you!
    I will make an order soon!

    @injjj said:
    Wow! Never thought the metrics would be that good! I think I bought some pbn links for $12 with the same metrics. Nice free copy would avail soon! Thanks SEO FOX

    @tophi said:
    Here is my review, the websites look very good and legit. Good metrics, as described. The communication was ok. almost 1 month after I got my links with no competition (low competition, low monthly search and the top 10 indexed webs are with very very low PA/DA ) I don't even see my 2 links in the google.

    @extreme90 said:
    Received the review copy, got the report as specified. Will look to order some in future.


    @miren said:
    Got my two review link today and they look pretty good. The sites have good themes and are well organized. There are no ads at all. Here are the domain metrics from the two link.
    www.s*****.com TF 20 CF 26
    www.t******.org TF 20 CF 35

    @Hawkster said:

    Received 2 posts on 2 different websites

    1st site metrics:

    34 22 33 17

    2nd site metrics:

    32 20 25 16

    Both posts were well structured with relevant images, written content doesn't quite make sense but it doesn't matter and its much better than some of the crap ive seen from other sellers. keyword was well placed in the first paragraph on both posts.

    Checked both sites on Moz and both have a low spam score.

    Although the posts were only added a few hours ago i have actually seen some dancing in the serps for the keyword given. Could be coincidence though.

    So yeah this is a good service in my opinion.

    @legoknekt said:
    First of thank you!
    Recieved 2 blog posts with PA 30 DA 42, Well written articles and relevant site looks legit.
    as a previous member wrote, it's pre chinese/asian sites.
    Will wait a week or so and see if the stats will tango or not.

    @kickasss said:
    I received a free review for 2 blog posts from FOX PA33+ and DA25 already seeing progress on serps for my keyword. Thanks man

    @TechEinstien said:
    Thanks Got my Free Review Copy Report few days back. Article was good, Links were looking natural. Sites having good metrics.

    PA DA CF TF53 44 25 23
    33 21 23 21

    @spectrejoe said:
    Just received my review package, both links had over 30 DA , over 20 CF and over 20 PA, both posts have very relevant images as well, so overall the link quality is good, the article is spun which may be a bit hard to index but if you submit it to google then it indexes with ease.

    The posts were posted on May 9th, 4 days ago, right now 1 of the post is already indexed while the other still isn't however I'm sure that it will index easily if I submit it to google directly.

    Overall, definitely worth 50$ if it's for 20 posts, this should be quite a bit more than 50$

    @etudedecas said:
    Review time:

    SEO Fox was kind enough to provide me 2 links. I used on NA keyword, low-average competition. The 2 sites have strong metrics and look good, not the poor PBN you may find here and there. Still too soon for any movement, articles were published today :) Will come back to report movement in few weeks.

    The metrics are verified strong both for DA, PA and TF.

    I'm very happy of this service and recommend it.



    @rhenardbaltazar said:

    I've received 2 free blog posts from OP as part of his review giveaway.

    Posts were placed on legitimate looking sites and they were also niche relevant.
    Content was spun but looks better than other content I have encountered, images were also included.
    Site metrics are good, overall link quality is good.

    I would recommend SEO Fox's blog posting service.

    @Sherbert Hoover said:
    Received two blog posts for review as well.

    The sites were DA25 and DA28. Citation flow of 22 and 19, and trust flow for both was 24. Both posts were spins of already current blog posts/news articles on my chosen subject, and the sites were unrelated to the subject matter. However, they both indexed without any issues, and one of them is ranking page one for my requested keyword search term. Both links have also resulted in a slight page one bump for my chosen URL.

    All in all, I'd give this service a 7/10. I wouldn't tie it directly to my money site, but additional links can get a major boost from a large number of these articles spread out over a period of time. Thanks for the review, SEO Fox!

    @RuthSam said:
    Got a review copy from OP. This is a great way to build links and to get some linkjuice to your website. I asked to get linked direct to the money site since it has so many links already. The service is great, fast and reliable. Can only recommend this service to everyone. 8/10 points.

    @soccerlover said:

    I've received 2 blog post and both of them were having good metrics :) DA & PA were above 25 and cf was near around 20.
    The OBL were clean and one site got few links from Edu as well :D
    The Article quality were good and relevant to my niche only along with good relevant images. I've just checked now whether it is indexed or not and yes it is indexed :).
    I wont mind using it for my Money site as the quality was good enough.
    Regarding SERP Movement, keywords were way high in terms of search count & competition and it won't get ranked easily.
    Overall a good and recommended service for all :)

    @alenlynn said:
    Great service, and more importantly all links provided are indexed.

    I will order more.

    @seb_ali said:

    I was fortunate enough to get '3' posts as a review copy.

    All came from High TF 18+ Blogs. These are super looking blogs based on different themes looking like real sites.

    I gave him some long tail keywords on "Product Names" and I am happy to say that I can see a big shuffle in rankings. They are still dancing so I am optimistic that they will at least settle from NA to 2nd Page of Google.

    Right now dancing around 2nd & 3rd Page.

    I will probably order more after this settlement. :)

    @davids355 said:
    Received review copy few days ago.
    Just got around to checking through everything, I had a quick look at the 3 sites that I got posts on and everything looks good - I got relevant article on each one that includes relevant images.
    I read through the content and it reads pretty well - I read through one full article out of the 3 posts and it reads like human written content - grammer etc is good.

    I checked the metrics and they all check out, here is an example from one of the sites -
    TF 29, CF 33, DA 24, PA 30.

    Great service over all.

    @Conor said:
    Received my review copy today.

    The turnaround time was good (a few business days), and the content was readable.
    I'll need to wait a while before seeing any changes in rank, but overall a good service for the price.

    @T2tkid said:
    Review time

    I was lucky to receive 3 links and here are the site metrics
    Average PA: 30
    Average DA: 17
    CF/TF: 27/25.

    The articles are well indexed in google and I used a serp checker to see one of the link ranking for my main KW at position 98 (while my money site is at 54 for months)
    I hope in the next couple of weeks, i will see the impact of the links.

    @wisdomkid said:
    Got a review copy and here's my thought.

    Got the complete three links and i was impressed. The highest PA was 47 and the highest DA was 37.
    With CF and TF of 37 20, i was really amazed that am able to get link from this site.

    In all honesty, i would have gladly paid up to $100 for this particular link. The other one link lead to a 404 page, so it was two working links and one broken link.
    Going through the article, i was happy to see that the contents were human readable and very less grammatical error.

    No privacy policy
    No contact us

    Although it was three links (2 working and one broken) they were posted the same date, but i guess if you were to purchase it in higher quality, the dates would certainly differs.

    Overall quality, great and recommendable.

    @santhej said:
    I actually received a free review for this within 24 hrs.I am really sorry about the delay in posting the review.let me come straight to service:
    this is a top notch service at a very affordable rate.I checked the articles I received with copyscape and it seems to be 100% unique.All the articles had 2 unique images and one contextual link to my money site.and metrics for the sites on which I received review was pretty good.

    Definitely Recommended Service

    @archixet said:
    I was selected for a free review copy!

    The Quality of the website is amazing and certainly will help boost SERP! A must buy..

    @IceHD said:
    Was selected for a review copy a little while ago, was unable to provide review until now.
    Want to start with TF, highest I got was 30 and medium was 25, all of them were 20+ and over 10 RD. I am pleasantly surprised about this as you can image.
    The content is unique and readable. All sites had different themes installed, saw a premium one and all mandatory pages (contact, privacy,..).

    I will come back with an order pretty soon!

    @SEO1337 said:
    Sorry for the late review buddy, but here it is.

    I received 3 posts with the following stats:
    30 17 22 28
    36 24 30 20
    34 21 28 11

    The articles were pretty good actually, they were readable and to the point, so in that respect it's good, the stats of the domains were good, and I actually did get a little jump in SERPs from just 3 posts, at the time it was a new site.

    I'd definitely recommend this service!

    @king master said:
    I'm Was Very Lucky to get Sample Review pack of 3 Posts

    The domains Metrics :

    41 29 33 11
    23 25 33 22
    33 20 28 21

    Which are amazing metrics, And every blog has unique design , very professional websites ..

    the 3 posts have Images and Keyword link , The Content Are unique and very relative to my keyword ..

    It's professional work , Tested and Recommended :)

    @cdn_craigs said:
    My Review...

    So i just received my links, and i am very impressed with the work and placements. The articles are good, with researched content about the niches. Also included a few photos on each page.

    TF / CF - 21+
    DA / PA - 20+

    Thanks for this review copy - and i would recommend this service. I will be back to purchase soon.

    @Purush said:
    Got a report and great work. Out of 3 keyword - 2 entered into top 10, previously it was top 20. Interesting low competition keyword does not have the impact. Is it because its a recent post.

    Good work overall and money well spent.

    @TashCorp said:
    Just made another order with SEO FOX, his my go to guy for content. Super fast delivery and quality content at unbeatable prices! Highly recommend him for all needing content. Receipt number: xxxxxxxxxxxxF976272G

    @Jackky said:
    The most beautiful posts which I tried yet on bhw, good service and great guy, thanks

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    I'd love to see some samples
  5. SEO FOX


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    Infront Of U!!
    Home Page:
    Thanks for Placing Order

    Samples sent by PM

    40% Discount Available - Coupon : FOX40
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    Great domains with nice metrics , Readable article with 2 images
    For 1.5$/ post (with coupon) the service looks like a great deal.
    Recommended A+ Quality.
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  7. SEO FOX


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    Infront Of U!!
    Home Page:
    Thanks for Review

    40% Discount Available - Coupon : FOX40
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    Order placed
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    Show me some samples, please?
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    Platinum City
    Placed an order
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    Order placed!
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    I'd like to see some samples :)
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    Could you please send me a sample (an article in digital marketing if possible)
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    Can I get 2-3 samples please, thanks!