Foward my ECart to another while someone is paying to where they dont even see they site ?

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    I have bought Items off of Ebay and they were delivered to my house from wal mart , then i would go look it up on and i ended up paying about $50.00 more per item ive got screwed on, or mainly because i was to lazy to look on

    any way, I offer a service to mainly homeowners,Garage Floor Coatings, My Competition Can't Touch my Floors with a 20' pole, I am finsishing up my site, but i want to add a Ecart to my site so the homeowners can go there and pay for the materials while Filling Out the contract at there house after theve picked ther color, then that way i can add 10 - 20% and Take it Right off the Top. and ill just have the diference sent to my paypal
    and after job is complete, they can login and pay the difference , etc

    not sure where to look or what to search for, so any sugestion would be very much apreciated

    also another note, i understand the materials Very Well, better then the manufacture's them selves,
    I would like to throw Do it Your Self Kits together with the hi end materials , and Put it on Ebay / Amazon
    dropped threw