Founding an internet investment coorperation?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by renateh, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Yesterday I had a very long conversation with an old frind of mine who got his business MBA last year. He told me that he will soon start working for an investment company (they invest the clients money in stocks). I told him that I don't think that stocks are a great investment and explained to him how even a noob can make a ROI of 50-100% easily with PPC or media buying campaigns in a single month. Not to mention SEO where turn over can be reached withing some months + xxx% to ?????% ROI year per year recurring!

    With stocks they make xx% profit per year. I know that this is not really a great comparison because in internet marketing you are limited in traffic and can't push millions in one offer but there are endless verticals, offers and niches. And if you spread the capital on different methods (PPC, PPV, Media Buying, E-Mail Marketing, Lead Generation trough CPA networks, etc) whose conversion rates are tested - its defenetely safer than investing in stocks - even if pros are handling them.

    So what do you think about the idea finding some business pros and founding an investment coorporation? Because I know how to make money online but not how to run an investment coorporation, how to find investors, etc.

    I think when I can turn 1K$ into 2K$ per month - why shouldnt it be possible to turn 1000K$ into 2000K$ in a month?

    I am located in Germany btw.

    Does anyone have the same idea or is experienced in this field?

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    I've often thought about this as well. Millions of people are investing their hard earned money into the stock market to earn a measly 10-15% return every year. If there was some sort of internet marketing fund, a fund made up of strictly small to large internet marketing companies, I'm sure the returns would be enormous. I guess the problem is that alot of the successful internet marketing companies are privately held, and investors in general are weary of investing in an "internet only" stock after getting burned when the dot com bubble burst. That being said, with the success of companies like Google and Facebook, I think the savvy investor would be open to investing in companies who's main source of traffic and advertising would be these 2 giants.

    Its an idea I have thinking about for awhile now and would love to see some more input from people....
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    You know, founding an investment corporation is a good idea. I think there are a lot of ways to go about this. Think of the returns you can gain on a product launch. The funny thing is that there seems to be a lull right now as I think people think the internet is just filled with regurgitation.

    I know there is something brewing under ground and it's honestly a matter of time before it gets that massive burst. In fact, I have an idea. Thanks for this thought thread.