Found a suprise in one of my accounts today...

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    So to start out I haven't been doing internet marketing or building sites in the last couple years due to getting in a relationship / school / work. Finally I have been coming across some time to look around and hopefully start getting back into it to make some money on the side because $2k a month is just not enough to live on from work. Anyways I was checking to see if some of my old accounts where still active from the old days so the last one to check was Adsense. I logged in and to my surprise I have a balance of $89.** sitting there just collecting dust. When I stopped I had not been making any money on Adsense so within the last couple years the clicks have added up to a total of almost $100.

    Just wanted to share that if you leave something up that has a niche traffic is bound to come... now its time to build my rep on BHW and build some sites and market to get past the $100 threshold to withdraw.