Found A Product To Promote?, Don't Make This Mistake!!

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    I had selected a couple of keywords that took me quite a while to find, what i mean is, i researched the hell out them to ensure that they had enough searches to be profitable, and also i could rank for them.

    I selected the keyword with the most searches and bought the .com domain with the keyword in it. It wasn't until maybe a few weeks later i realised that i was going to have some trouble writing about it. It was basically a product to assist people in a hobby, a piece of software, of which i wont go into too much detail about cos i dont want the competition.

    I have written good articles in the past, and to begin with i thought id have no trouble writing about it. The trouble is, with any individual product there is only so many angles you can approach it from, only so much you can say about it before you find yourself repeating yourself.

    The LAST thing i wanted was to bore the hell out of my visitors with the same take on a product, except in different words. I began to panic at first, but then thought about how i could make this work. The google wonderwheel more or less brought about a whole new take on the matter, and had it not been for this, i guess id have been stuck.

    I began looking at OTHER products and equipment that would compliment the product that i was offering, and pretty soon i realised i had accidently stumbled upon literally 40-50 products and pieces of equipment that would fit hand in hand with the initial product i had began to promote.

    I understand to some more experienced members, determining from the beginning how much information you can provide to your visitors without repeating yourself is pretty much a basic concept, but i got so caught up in everything else that i overlooked this vital step.

    Its all well and good being able to write a few articles about something, but asking yourself from the beginning..."can i really write enough about this product to continually engage the visitor", is something i believe is an imperative aspect to this business.

    Not only this, but having the ability to incorporate similar products and information to whatever it is your promoting is an integral part of offering your visitors value.

    I am now fortunate enough to have found an affiliate within CJ, that offers loads of products all related to my initial product, and from this i have not only found more products to promote, but my site isn't just going to be about 1 product, and whats more, i have more than enough to write encaptulating articles about, and all through what i initially believed was a stumbling block.

    Hope this provides food for thought for those who may be in a similar position. Pretty basic, but nonetheless pretty valuable also.