Found a nifty tool for directoey submissions for local businesses.

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    I do manual directory submissions for my offline customers. I have found a plugin for Firefox that saves me a ton of time.

    It is called:


    You can get it from the Tools>add-ons menu, just search for it.

    With this plugin, you add profiles with your information about each client. This profile is free form, not by boxes, and you simply add whatever text you want into the profile.

    When you go to fill out any form, you select the profile you want to use from the extensions tab, and go to the page with the form. Beside each box of the form, a small box appears that you click on, and it brings up the entire profile. You simply click on the item you want from the profile and it populates whatever text you have selected into that box.

    On reason this is so great is that you do not assign tags to your information to populate the boxes. You can have as many titles, descriptions, e-mails, or whatever, and all you do is select the best one for the box. This is a tremendous help when they have multiple locations.

    Automated submission software does not give me this freedom, and I never use them for local customer.s directory submissions.

    When you are not doing any submissions simply disable the plug-in and the little box disappears.

    Anyway, it's a solution I was looking for, hope it helps some of you.