forums in a PRINT version-seeing-impaired users?

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Oct 17, 2009
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Hello everyone. I am writing this post because I am seeing-impaired and over the years I have learned tricks to view webpages. Most of the time I have to view forums in a PRINT version.

Anyoene care to share some experiences? or tricks for accessing webpages.

I use a READ for forum and webpages. But most time the PAGE has to be clean.

seeing-impaired users?

I hope I may help others with this link above

I have noticed some times this forum BLOCKS the ability to access the PRINT option so the computer reader can readout the page.
I hope haRRO revisits this with the forum.

thoughts by others? what else I can do ?
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I'm using a big font because i don't know if you can read the normal.
Not trying to joke or offended you.
Anyways in the link above you can find a add on for firefox that will let you change the font size, letters spacing, color of a page and use text to speech.
It's made for specially for people with your needs.

Hope it helps
Thank you for the sincere reply and your understanding. I will look for the firefox suggestion.

The support group i am a member of helped with a text to speech progie and it works great in a clean webpage. One without any distractions.

I may take a break now, looking for that application you suggested.

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