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    *There's a Not in the title that shouldn't be there

    Hello i'm new to the world of bots. I'm looking for a bot to fill my own forum with fake posts. I know from experience that fake posts are a good way to kick-start a forum. But I just don't have the time to post as much as I would like, so I'm looking into forum bots.
    Its a phpbb board.

    I know there are many bots that do a good jon in posting the same message at different boards. But what is the best option when it comes to posting different messages to one board.

    Are there any (affordable) bots that can do this:
    allow the use of textfile loaded variables. So instead of using: I live in {|Brasil|Germany|US|UK| } you could use something like I live in {Countries.txt }
    Automatic username creation would be nice, again by loading a names text file for example.
    Assign the same comment template to all users with one click,not users by user, so for example I have automatically created 100 users and I would like them all to post "I live in {Countries.txt }".
    An option to prevent the posting of the same spun message by different users, for example all users must reply to a thread with I live in {|Brasil|Germany|US|UK| } But all the countries listed in the text file can only be used once.

    I hope my question is not to unclear.
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