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    My white hat company sponsors a few forums, we have posts that will never be deleted and signatures/bios that will never go away. The forums are pretty huge and reputable.

    How can I utilize these profiles and threads best for SEO back to the domain?

    I've thought of blasting them with links and web2.0's, but no articles, since the domains obviously will not get de-indexed, for the keywords that we want (product titles), will that juice come back to the domain we are linking to or will those profiles and threads outrank our domains inner pages that we are linking to?

    If I blast the threads/profile page, should I hit them with any keyword to boost the PR of those threads/profile page or should I blast them with the keywords we are targetting?

    Should I focus on the profile page with signature intact more than the threads we create?

    I know this might sound stupid to you all, but I don't know much about forum profiles!

    Thanks in advance