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Forming an LLC in Nevada as non-resident - which taxes to pay?

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by enigma2k, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. enigma2k

    enigma2k Newbie

    Jul 23, 2009
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    I am from Europe and want to form an LLC in Nevada. The products that I want to sell through the LLC are only digital download products.

    Even after much research I still don't quite understand what taxes I have to pay in Nevada and which I have to pay in my country. I would love to get professional help from an attorney here but I can't find someone who knows about the taxes both in the USA and Europe.

    As far as I understand you only have to pay sale taxes if you sell a product in the state where you have your company in. In my case Nevada. Selling to all other states of the USA or outside of the USA you don't have to pay sale taxes. Is it possible that in the future you will have to pay taxes for all states?

    And the income taxes I only have to pay in my home country. Is this correct?

    What other taxes do I have to pay and do I have any advantages as a non-resident?

    If you have any links to informations about LLCs as non-resident (especially with Internet Marketing) I would gladly read them.
  2. MaxPowers

    MaxPowers Regular Member

    Nov 30, 2009
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    Is this the same as other states, or something special about Nevada?

    As the OP said, if no physical products, or services are sold in Nevada you don't have to pay any money to them other than the license?

    Not trying to thread jack, just clarifying the OP's question which I'm also interested in!
  3. jaguarslug

    jaguarslug BANNED BANNED

    Dec 29, 2009
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    wow, this is good info, so if register an LLC in nevada, I won't have to pay taxes if I am not from the US? I won't be selling anything, will be getting only IM cash.
  4. jaremore7

    jaremore7 Registered Member

    Apr 24, 2009
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    I'm very interested on this too.... After all I can just incorporate in Nevada, and screw the whole UK offshore issue.