forgotten paypal account?

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    lately, i've been paranoid... with paypal..
    at the beginning of 2009(january,february), I wanted to buy something from ebay so I attempted to create a paypal account. I wanted to create a new email account to go along with this paypal account. I cant remember if i went throguh with it though.. I cant remember the email account i created or the password.

    Anyway, I finally created my CURRENT paypal account in August 2009 and i've been using that since.
    Anyway, if i did create that account on Jan,feb last year would have no bank/cc/debit added to it what so ever.I never used it and i'm not sure if I created that account anyway so it might not exist.

    If it does exist , whats the worst that could happen to it?

    this might sound paranoidal but I've been scaring myself lately by going to paypalsucks etc forums.