Forgive me for asking a bunch of noob questions

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    Hello everyone. Please forgive my noob questions and if anything I ask is out of line but I need to get a blog unindexed from Google. I can't log into my account and the blog was written several years ago but comes up when you search my name. The blog prevented me from getting a job because I posted a bunch of stupid pictures and articles several years ago of my friends and I doing stupid things. Google is 100% non-responsive and I don't own the domain for which my username's e-mail address is linked to so password recovery is out of the question. I read about sending thousands of spam and porn backlinks but I'm unclear as to how to do this. If anyone can lend a hand and provide some links, I would really appreciate it! I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm good at following instructions in cases like this. Thank you.