Foreign, unrelated domain links to my webserver !

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    Nov 4, 2014
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    HI guys.

    I have a curious case at hand!

    2 weeks a go I bought a nice VPS in Germany, super cheap, great package, lots of power. LImited offer for students but hey, I know how to create fake-anything as long as it is German :D

    For some reason, a French domain, which, according to my research, used to belong to the socialist party in some French city, links directly to my webserver.

    How can I
    a) determine the frequency on that domain (no. of visits)
    b) capitalize on this insane situation ?
    c) explain this, from the tech POV ?

    My thoughts on c):

    Well, I would somehow need to check the history of the DNS servers that resolve the French domain. HOw do I get to that information ? I want to know when the domain started linking to my server's IP.

    My thoughts on b):

    If anyone thinks they knopw how to use this to his/her advantage - we can get in business.