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$$$ For You : I need someone who has a GOOD experience in posting on Blogs and BM sites.

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by liberpax, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. liberpax

    liberpax Registered Member

    Apr 19, 2009
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    I need someone who has a GOOD experience in Blog commenting and Bookmarks posting !

    Technique to use :

    1. For blogs :

    - You can use an auto blog commenter (that you can find here on BHW).
    However it often happens that those kind of tools give you a wrong PR blog site ! So be carreful.
    - You can do it manually. Please find the best blogs using a "page rank" plugin extension, e.g. firefox.
    - Or the both ! J

    2. For Bookmarks :

    - NEVER use a bot. 100% manually. I provide my BM accounts infos and you want to use them by connecting manually.

    80 % of the work has to be done by posting on blogs.
    20% on BM.

    Of course, the most important is that you target the high pages ranked blog websites.
    I give you the URL's I want you put into blogs and BM (and the related niches of course).
    If you need some, I can provide a bunk of emails (for blog posts) and also my BM accounts infos.

    However, if we make the deal, I will detail all what you need in a .txt file.


    - Of course, the keyword has to be in each and every posts/comments, in the good order.
    - Alernate the IP for EACH POST, never the same.
    - Never never never use the same post !
    - ONE SINGLE comment, username and email on ONE blog/BM site ! Never use the same data.
    - Choose a fake username for each post (never the same with ANY post), but whatever,
    just make it pretty REAL (a small nickname with 2-3 numbers for example).
    - Target the high page ranked sites but also post a few times on medium/low page ranked sites, it will seem more natural.
    - You will have to send me all the links of the pages where you have posted a comment on !
    Just send me a .txt and a .doc file with the links, no more no less.

    I am willing to pay someone for a medium/long term business with you, if you are interrested. (and if you do a very good job).

    !!! I pay BEFORE and I give a 20% extra AFTER if the work is perfect !!!

    Sounds good ? ;)

    I don't know yet how many comments and bookmarks per week I want you post for me, we will see that later. However...
    => I'm looking for the best price for the best job.

    If you are the man, just PM me and we will open a discussion.

    Thanks !

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2010