For Those Not Making Any Money Yet...

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    Remember being broke is brought about by a poor and unhealthy state of mind. I came across this and thought I motivate my people...

    • If you think you are beaten, You are.
    • If you think you dare not, You don't.
    • If you like to win but think you cannot, then it's almost certain you'll loose
    • If you think you've lost, then you indeed have lost. For out of the world we find that success begins with a fellows will It's all in the state of mind
    • If you think you are outclassed, then you are outclassed.
    • Think you are broke, then your a## will remain broke.
    • The Man Who Wins is The Man Who Thinks He Can - I Was That Man & Now I Am Grand.

    I am big because I believed. Guys believe and focus, you will get there.

    Hit the thanks button if this motivates you any. Peace - remember: no guts - no glory
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