For the money makers. How much do you make per 1,000 views?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Nintendo, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Three days ago I uploaded nine videos, two days ago I uploaded 10 videos, and so far I've got 2,976 views, but a puny little 28 clicks to the description link, and not a single cent made.

    Per 1,000 video views, how many clicks do you get and how much do you make? Obviously I have no trouble getting the traffic, simply manipulate YouTube, while making money from the views is what I stink at right now. Is ClickBank a horrible choice to link to? Would I be in the wrong niche? BodyBuilding --> Link to eBook sales page on how to gain muscle fast.

    Oh, from those 2,976 views, over 1/3rd come from one video. The first word in the title!! [​IMG] Imagine that!! :D
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    2796 views and 28 clicks = nothing) when you reach 20000-30000, then you may say about conversion)

    to increase ctr, you need to incentivize your video. (big watermarks on start, on middle, on end your video) you may interrupt your video on 1:00 etc, and for 5-10 seconds display an ad of your e-book, then continue your video (like a commercial break)

    Maybe problem is in those "sales pages". They all the same (How To Bla-Bla-Bla) and have shitty design. I recommend you create your own "sales page", with your original design, beauty, clean and simple. And you easily can create your e-book (you might get it for free at torrents, or recast Joe Wider book). You may register at plimus, and start to sale this book))) then you get non 35%, but 100% of your earnings ;)

    Your own product + your traffic = 3-5 x of your cash, than non-your product and your traffic)))
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    if you want people to click the ads try making them view the videos on a video directory other than youtube, like this.
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    +1 to that.
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    well, your getting thousands of views for the first couple days which is damn good assuming your not promoting the videos or using any view count tool.

    try putting the link as close to the start of the description as you can so people see it. if the link is a clickbank page or anything other than your personal website i would probably change the link to a tinyurl link so they cant tell its an affiliate link.

    do you have annotations on the videos already? definitely put one in for something like the first 10 seconds of the video. with 19+ videos it may take a while but its worth it. annotations definitely work.

    hope this helped.
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