[FOR SALE] Authority Website - Geeky Gadgets & Gifts (Amazon Affiliate) + Traffic Sources [METHOD]

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Apr 20, 2012
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Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to run this project anymore, so I'm selling a similar website to a well-known - https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/

If you've ever thought that it's time to stop wasting your time with crappy CPA & PPI niches and start a REAL authority website that people like to SHARE & which content goes viral - here is your chance.

So what are you getting here?

- Premium Wordpress Theme (worth ~59$)
- 6 letters .com domain (DA 13 / PA 18, Spam free domain)
- Custom professional logo. We're not talking about Fiverr.com and cheap freelancers quality (worth ~150$)
- 267 items/articles published. Each article is unique and was written by a creative writer, around 150-200 words length. Here is a sample of a popular website, the writing style is similar - https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/infectious-disease-stress-balls/ (worth ~1000$)!
- At least 30-40 hours spent to set up and optimize the website, considering the cheapest developer you would find it's (worth 400-500$)

So the value of the website I'm bringing here is worth at least 1700-2000$ total on its own. We're talking about a good standard, something you would be proud to show for your friends.

I've made around 7000$ in profits last year and honestly, it didn't take more than 10 minutes of work daily to achieve that. Not to mention that I didn't work on it every day, just when I had some spare time. What brings us to a second part of the deal...

What else I'm giving to you?

I'm giving you a quick spoonfeed of how you can make up to 100-200$/daily with these 10 minutes of work. Yeah, I know it sounds like a sales pitch but it's not. For a serious buyer, I will be more than happy to show a quick, live case study with live numbers.

You're getting:

- A method how to reach the front page of the Imgur.com and drive viral traffic to your website
- A method how to reach the front page of big subreddits of Reddit.com to drive some more viral traffic to your website

I am NOT going to coach you every day, just show you how's it achievable if you put some minimal work.

- To preview the website - send me a PM.
- Starting price is 2500$, but I'm going to sell it for the biggest offer.
- Payments accepted - BTC, ETH or Wire/IBAN transfer only.

Refund policy: No refunds after the sale/transaction is completed and the website is fully forwarded to you. In addition, you're buying a website, not a traffic machine. You will have to put some work to turn your business profitable - but I'm here to explain how to achieve that. In short: I do NOT guarantee you will make XXXX$ in profits if you don't want to put some love & work into this website.
Contact me: via PM or Skype: eqlrest

Feel free to ask me for proofs and details via PM!
Thread Approved

For the review, @Whateverest gave me access to his traffic methods as well as proved ownership of the site.

Service Highlights

  • The methods to drive traffic are not 100% unique but pretty solid.
  • The site is very clean and I can see why it converts with targeted traffic.
  • Income proof is provided.
  • The seller was very receptive to the things needed to be done to make this thread live.
What Could Use Improvement

I didn't see much that could be improved upon except working it a bit more as he stated he has not really put in the kind of effort that onee normally would due to other interests.

Additional Information

The seller spent some time screen sharing so that I could see that what he was doing for the traffic is legit and it is hard to fake that sort of thing in real time so I'm comfortable in saying that it is legitimate.

You can do what is required to drive traffic manually but you would be nuts to do so and he shares where, for 29.99 a month, you can get access to the tools required to make this semi-automated. There may be some other minor expenses associated with setting things up but nothing out of the ordinary when you are using tools.

If I were to buy this site, and I decided to work it properly, I would be adding content on a regular basis and promoting that content as you can build on the revenue exponentially if you do that. Garbage or cheap content won't do as you'll need some quality content to build this out.
I’ve seen the website and it looks really well built. Good luck with your sales thread, I can definetely see this profitable if you will put some work
Thanks for approval and kind words. I've requested to move this thread from JR.VIP to public marketplace. Feel free to PM for preview!
Thanks for approval and kind words. I've requested to move this thread from JR.VIP to public marketplace. Feel free to PM for preview!

PM Sent. Thanks.
PM sent to everyone. Thanks for the interest guys.
Please PM me details including the asking price, traffic history and sources.

Thank you.
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