for people who claim they have 20+ AB and making moeny

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    Well, I am not trying to flame on the forum, in fact, I would just like to know is there a problem having so many AB and do you all register domains for each of the AB? if so, do you consider hiding the domain registry info from google just so when something happens, you don't get penalized on all the sites?

    also, if using adsense on all of your blogs, do you use multiple accounts or just one adsense account? any issues with lots of blogs you own with adsense?

    also, I see people claiming they work on their many AB and backlinking them, do you do a minimum amount of backlinking on each blog? like just bookmarking and some scrapebox actions?

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    As an Autoblog and Micro niche noob these are good questions.

    I am big on process, and am trying to put together a system to follow for each of my MN sites.

    i.e. x # of backlinks for each etc

    Also, Do you link between your sites? Blog 1 to Blog 2 etc?

    I have done so much reading on BHW that my eyes hurt however these are questions I've not seen answered. Thanks as always to the amazing members of BHW for all your help.
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    It is a very good idea to spread your autoblogs on different domains. Ideally each autoblog has its own domain. Domain diversification will reduce the volatility of your earnings due to Google sandbox, penalties, bans, hacks, etc. Domains are cheap so...

    WHOIS protection is not everything that you should do in order to stay under the radar. Host your sites on various servers, use different DNS servers, locate your sites in different GEO locations, don't heavily interlink them, etc. Do not use any Google services (GWT, Analytics, Gmail, AdSense, etc.)

    If your sites are OK with the AdSense TOS you will be fine. Of course using multiple AdSense accounts is better. But that's not always possible. Lots of domains using the same AdSense account WILL bring attention to your sites.

    It takes a lot of time building backlinks for 20+ sites. Try to automate the process whenever possible or even outsource it. Scrapebox is not enough for competitive niches / keywords.
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    on the water

    ...then maybe you shouldn't word your thread and post like that. u trying to antagonize people into reading and and responding to your queries?

    well, in this case, it worked. :rolleyes:

    I have 500+ autoblogs and "claim" to earn money from them, including Adsense.

    They are, for the most part, all registered in the same DOMAIN account but not under the same name. Some are registered with "privacy protection" but that's irrelevant as far as google is concerned.

    Most important things to remember - spread around your sites via IPs and hosting. I have over 15 hosting accounts and move around a lot. Also, don't use Google services like webmaster tools and GAnalytics (someone already said that).

    I only do minor backlinking on a site AFTER it has proven itself a winner via seo alone. I never interlink my sites, even if on the same IP.
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    You definitely want to register a new domain for each blog. Most of the time when search engines spider they spider by a domain name. So if you had them all as subdomains they would have to share the amount of time the search engine is spidering instead of each site having their own specific time.

    As for hiding your registry, from what I have seen I do not believe you get penalized if you are listed on a few hundred sites at the same time. Search engines will spider domains the same if they were the same owner or different owners.

    I couldn't find anything in the ToS about it but one of my buddies got suspended from Adsense for having multiple Adsense accounts. Personally, it's easier just to manage it all from one. I have about a good amount of domains that use my Adsense account and make about $7k a month off Adsense and they have never given me any trouble from any of my sites.

    First of all, backlinking does help. Do I presonally spend all my time working on backlinking? No. First, each of my sites have a twitter account that tweets a link to each new post. That helps a little... Then on integrate the site with Facebook so people can easily "Like" and share articles they find. That helps a little... Also, I spread my sites across different hosting companies so they are on separate IPs even separate IP ranges. Then I link sites that are along the same keywords/category with different IPs together with links in the footer so they get quality backlinks together. That helps a little...

    With all those little things it all comes together to help a lot. Within a month most of my sites were getting 100 to 300 visitors a day from organic and social media sites. Extreme backlinking isn't really needed.
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