For people w/ spare $300 and doing SEO...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by SpellZ, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Imagine your money site... You got a product, a subscription website.. what ever.. You charge $XX.. You can spend months doing SEO work and all that...

    Wouldn't it just be easier to

    1. Pay AdWords, do a/b testing, and find an ad that breaks even?
    2. Do the same thing but with Facebook?
    3. Join a forum that that covers your niche and advertise there?

    Seems like a no brainer...
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    I am a big fan of diversifying my traffic.

    a. SERPS
    b. Social Media
    c. PPC
    d. Ads on whitehat sites
    e. Forum traffic (from posted links/advertising)

    Ideally I try to rely less than 60% on G for web visitors, but it depends on the project. Fact is, traffic from various sources responds differently to various niches and/or offers. Find what CONVERTS for your site/project and expand from there. Only testing will yield what is best for you.

    For example, Facebook traffic may be good for building a list or a page of followers, but in my experience is NOT good at all for directly "selling" to.

    As for Adwords....way too costly these days if you ask me. There are still ways to make some money with it, but big G has made it a LOT harder than it used to be.

    My 2 cents. Good luck on your projects!
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    1.SEO is a factor in adwords, pagespeed and other ranking factors afffect QS. You cant always throw money at adwords and break even especially if you are in competitive niches/verticals. How long is your purchase path ? (if people dont buy today based of interaction with 1 touchpoint/ad, when will they buy ? 1 week, 2 weeks? whats your cookie window ?).

    2.Facebook, I had a client spend $250,000(JVC) and the CTR and everything else was TERRIBLE. But it was a branding exercise. However, FB is just not a good customer acquisition strategy(for sales). For dating apps and installs in the CPA verticals, yes, but for credit card wielding shoppers. No.

    FB > Offline Event > Square/NFC payment. Yes, that works.

    3.Joining forums, Yes. That works. I can say WF and BHW can net you $1000 PW for a good product with ASS(we all love ass) After Sales Support will make or break your product.

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    Not such a no-brainer. You have to manage those campaigns, pay attention to what is working/not working, tweak it, etc... SEO I set up my machine and let my VA's go to work. I never have to check anything except my ranking and then occasionally update my sites. It's the difference between a passive income and having to constantly monitor things.