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For Noobs: Use Inurl and the - sign to find blogs to comment on

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by TyphoonAgency, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Time to give back to BHW. This is for complete newbies who may not have used G**gle's search operators.

    G00gl lists around 25 operators that help you narrow and refine your searches.
    Using operators helped me learn a lot about how automated searches are constructed and the best way to get links for my particular niche. I wouldn't have examined so many sites if I had been using automated software in the beginning.

    Inurl: and the negative sign are key operators to master.

    For example, say you want to find blog posts from 2010 where you can comment on pandas. Your basic search would look something like this:

    blog 2010 panda Comment

    Unfortunately, your results will also list car blogs with posts about the Fiat Panda.

    Then use the negative sign is used to remove the Fiats. (Always put the negatives at the end of the search command so G00g processes it in the appropriate order.)

    blog 2010 panda Comment -Fiat

    That's better, but you still are getting results for hotels and electronics firms and software and a bunch of other items.

    Looking at the results, you also decide that, in general, non-profits have the best blogs for you to comment on, so you decide to narrow your search for domains with the extension .org. (If you were worried you might lose commentable newspaper stories by filtering .coms out, you could simply search Google News for "panda 2010 blog -Fiat".) Your search now looks like this:

    inurl:.org blog 2010 panda Comment -Fiat

    That's better. However, when looking at the blogs you see telltale footprints that let you know you can't comment. Footprints are words and phrases specific to each type of blog software.

    Using the negative sign and the footprints, you can filter blogs so you're left with a list that will let you submit comments. To try to narrow down the blogs returned to those that are auto-approved, you can subtract words like "register" and "approve" from your search. Put quotation marks around phrases like "Comments Off".

    Your search string now looks something like this:

    inurl:.org blog 2010 panda Comment "Website:" -"Fiat" -"Comments Off" -inurl:.pdf -"[FONT=&quot]→[/FONT] No Comments" -"register to post comments" -"Comments turned off" -Approve

    I also filtered out any PDFs by adding "-inurl:.pdf".
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