For everyone wanting to increase conversions with sales, squeezes, and emails...

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    For anyone wanting to increase their conversions with their sales and squeeze pages, email marketing and selling in general I recommend you check out this site. I know alot of people are starting to focus on email marketing/product creation now so hopefully it will help alot of people out. I just found it yesterday and the content on there is really good. The videos are long but full of really good content. Vin Montello is one of the best copywriters around and charges upward of $15000 for sales letters and has done such products as the super successful Fat Burning Furnace.

    On a personal note I contacted him about 6 months ago to do a sales page for me. I only had $5000 so he said he would get one of his students to do it while he oversees it. After talking to him for over 45 min on skype he basically told me my product was too niche specific and advised me not to waste my money. I listened to him and just did the sales page on my own which turned out alright. But in the end he was right, the product was too niche specific and I didnt do too well. He could have easily taken my cash but he didn't, which is why I have alot of respect for the guy...he is very knowlegable you can tell by the conversaition I had with him. Defintely a straight shooter which is hard to find today. In product creation sales pages/copywriting can mean the difference between making it big or making nothing.

    Long story short, I am now in the process of making a kick ass weight loss product, and I will be hiring him or one of his students as I know he will have my best interests at in the end he will end up getting the job and probably a life long client. A few valuable lessons to be learned here.
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    I'm actually building a weight loss list.

    Please contact me if you need an affiliate ;)

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