[For Europe/Hongkong only] Austrian Fresh Cosmetic and Nutrition Hybrid Drop Shipper

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    Dear Blackhatters!
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    First things first: This drop shipper is for Europe and Hongkong only. Not in US available! But I think this market is big enough for us all. The clients buy directly at your affiliate website and the items go directly to the clients in 1-2 days.

    Let me introduce to you: Ringana - the first (and nowadays the one and only) luxury fresh cosmetic and nutrition producer without any additives from Austria in Europe. No fake or replica products. I use the items for myself. The company exists for 15 years now and the items are not available in normal shops.

    This is a hybrid drop shipper, because you can use this company as an affiliate with your ready made website or offline with direct or network marketing.

    The main website is available in the languages german, english, france and italian.

    For your information - here is the NON affiliate link to the main site:

    and here is the NON affiliate link if you want to become a partner.

    What do you earn?

    Up to 39 % for every sale from your clients and up to 8 % from the sales from your partners. The 8 % from your partners are paid by Ringana, not by you. 9 levels deep!!!

    Is there any money to invest?

    If you start online you have to pay a one time start fee of ? 49,--. your Ringana Affiliate Site costs ? 7,-- per month, but you don't have to buy one.

    How to get clients?

    I do G00gle Al.e.r.t.s for my affiliate website, web 2.0 marketing, press releases, and so on. Offline I am searching for hotels, other business partners, dentists ... and tell them how powerfull incentive marketing is and how they can earn from their clients day in and day out. Works great!

    It is easy to do, because the products are fantastic and there are almost no experienced blackhatters in Europe (except my bros and sisters here in BHW). LOL! 40 % more sales every year and 70 % of the clients buy again and again ... But I don't want to advertise here, only give you the information that this possibility lives.

    If you want to start alone - good luck and conquer Europe! Or if you want to work with me please PM me!

    If you have any questions please post it here!

    Hope that helps!

    Greetings from Austria - Kurti