For All Of You That Are New To The Forum - My Version Of A Pep Talk

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    Seriously just got super heated over this thread:

    I never really get excited or mad at someone but this seems to be the time of year we notice a surge of new registrations and with it comes a flood of insanely obvious questions that have answers all throughout this forum.

    So I decided to maybe give you all a refresher. Below is probably one of my largest reply posts ever to someone on this forum:

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Shuzuka [​IMG]
    It's not like im a faggot which wants everything spoonfeed because i dont have a brain.
    I think its clearly okay to ask if you're new or not that much expierenced. I have read this
    entire forum for like 1 week (and i'm actually able to read really fast) before even thinking
    about starting.

    If I wanted everything spoonfeed i'd pay someone to help me.

    Here's the thing. If you are interested in success then you have to pave your own way. I just handed you two great starter niches on a silver platter and served to you by Scarlett Johansson in a miniskirt. If you have the money to pay someone then I will gladly give you my paypal email if it makes you feel better and like less of a condescending prick.

    We spend a LOT of time and money figuring these things out for ourselves and to just give you the tickets to the castle would be doing nothing to help you. The drive to succeed is the first prerequisite of getting into Internet Marketing, then after that you have to be willing to put your neck out there and try things for yourself even after thinking you have an awesome method at your disposal.

    I could tell you to invest in gold right now because it's price will skyrocket in the next 7 days. Will you go seek out a supplier, go mine it yourself, or find a good exchange resource now? I highly doubt it because you don't have the income leverage to afford that investment and you wouldn't know the first place to start unless you researched it, and I guarantee it would take you more than 7 days to get a good deal to turn a profit on the sale of said gold when it spikes.

    That being said, and I am only writing all of this to hopefully put your ass in motion without too much more back and forth on this thread, you NEED to do something, just take a risk. The funny part is that you don't even need to invest money to earn your first cent in the online world. Have you ever heard of the Bum Marketing Method? No?

    I have created wealth from absolutely nothing and you do not come into a shark tank and expect us to share our dinner and our family's well being with you because you haven't put in the time to make something happen for yourself. If you don't know what to do then you are reading the wrong books or siphoning knowledge from the wrong resources.

    Here are the time tested things that always work for me and always put money into my bank accounts:

    SEO + Affiliate Marketing + Adsense
    PPC to compliment my already gathered data and create campaigns that scale my projects up

    First thing no matter what is you have to learn how to create content. This can be videos, written articles, or images. These things are the back bone of our ecosystem, without them you are just a copy and paste lemming/drone/sheep.

    Second is you have to understand how ranking a keyword and bringing traffic to your site is done. I have literally no quantification (exact amount) of ways you can do this, it is almost endless. But if you lack a creativity portion in your brain then I feel sorry for you, go flip burgers or work in a cubicle dialing phones all day.

    Third thing, and this is a very important skillset, learning how to turn all of your traffic and properties into money making pieces of real estate online. You have to drill down on your analytics, optimize conversions, figure out any places where your return on investment isn't feasible, look for new revenue opportunities, and so much more.

    Meanwhile if you are anywhere near where I was in life, you have to juggle all of this around a full time job and try to not go insane during the process.

    So yes if you are wondering why we see your request for information as an offensive behavior, it's because you haven't even tried to think for yourself and act as if we would just love to take time out of our day to make sure you can skate by without doing any real work. You have plenty of things to do other than ask questions, How about a plan to put into action and then we might guide you a little along the way, but then how do we know you will even stick it out until the bitter end or exponential success?

    Use your keyboard and mouse to navigate yourself to the correct sources of guidance that fit your current skillset and interests. There are long term and short term methods to digest and you have to figure out which one is right for you. We will not cater or bend to your request just because you asked nicely, it makes it worse when you get defensive.

    The fact that you didn't respond to my initial scrap of golden opportunity in a positive manner makes me a little frustrated.

    Just get out of your little bubble and take a leap of faith, you will fail and that is the only thing I can guarantee, but it will make you wiser or make you realize faster that this isn't the gig for you.

    *drops mic*


    Now I in no way have ill feelings towards anybody beginning their journey to a better life of financial freedom and breaking the chains that bind you to a job, but please do not come one here and start a pissing contest to find out who is a bigger asshole. Especially if you know nothing about what we are doing here and just learning, its disrespectful and will only give you a bad reputation that will make it hard for you to get genuine help.

    Peace and love ya'll!
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