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    Was a trash post, sorry for space
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    Lots of great ideas already in your above information, but you made some observations that are invalid. Most specifically the notion that it takes money to make money is incorrect. While having investment funds up-front can streamline some earnings opportunities the fact is that most marketers with limited experience who dump money into things - do just that. Dump money.

    For example, above you referenced using wordpress as a launching platform for new sites, and that this required money to invest up-front. This is true if you want your own domain, and you want full control over your properties and earnings opportunities, but plenty of us started with the parasites such as blogger, BlogSpot, weebly,, and other sites for which there are dozens of other threads saying where free properties can be built. Is this slow? Yes, it's pretty slow. Is it a lot of work? Yes, it's a lot of work.

    Can it be automated? Yes, it can be completely automated for free if you're willing to learn how. Bots are great, and provide a great opportunity for the masses, but one needs to remember when using paid bots ... so are the masses. All the functions of those bots can be facilitated using free tools including iMacros, plugins, feeder sites that use rss feeds or .csv files to create content and post it(such as IFTTT or Twitterfeed).

    I'm going to reveal the one catch that can make almost any model effective. It's called work, and discovering a method that is effective often comes down to trying something and then thinking to improve what is not working as well as you would like it to work.

    Work - that's the only thing I've found in the past 10 years online to be effective, and it's the one thing that almost always works. Sometimes it takes a long time to turn a model to a working model, but if you put in the legwork anything is possible. Here's the projects I've had the best success with over my time online:

    • Movies(CPA) - Content locking sites that rank organically using various web 2.0 creation and implementation strategies.
      This niche is now pretty well dominated, so it could be tough to learn the ropes, but I can definitely say it led to more $3k+ revenue months than any other model I've ever worked with.
      I can also say that even just getting a little bit of traffic in this niche can quickly prove to anyone the earnings opportunities.
      It might take someone a while to get back to my previous earnings levels, but if you can snag any traffic and direct it to a well built content locker in this niche - it will always convert well in my experience and opinion - always has and I predict it always will.

    • Youtube - Used to do domain parking using youtube videos to promote the domains for direct type-in traffic. This can be a lot tougher to do these days since everyone and their grandmother did it about 5 years ago and domain parking companies are now a bit wise to this. That said, you can still make money solely with a page full of great ads using this approach but you have to have the ad inventory and know how to use it.

    • Adult - video watermarking projects, porn auto-blogs, tube sites, and hosted tube sites. You earn with these opportunities using a mix of ads, and CPA offers. These all present great opportunities to make
      money even if you have no money up-front, and constitute a significant portion of my current earnings portfolio.

    • SEO - for long-term earnings opportunities and potential - learning and implementing good solid SEO practices is critical to continued revenue production. Nothing sucks worse than having an effective earnings opportunity in place and then losing your residual traffic stream. That's why anyone who can develop these kinds of skills effectively has a major leg up on average online marketers. All the tricks and gimmicks in the world are great, but to this day nothing beats the consistent traffic you can generate by organically ranking high quality content and websites.

      While this can become an expensive endeavor in heavily coveted niches ... there is still a ton of low-lying fruit to grab using solely parasites like I mentioned above. So there is opportunity for seasoned people in SEO as well as for newer people to learn SEO using parasites which have a natural gain over newer TLDs because of their strong on-site ranking factors such as DA/TA, backlink profiles, and other relevant metrics.

    Do not give up OP. What typically sets successful folks apart from the herd isn't finding the golden nugget - it's working harder and smarter than the rest of the folks. I'd encourage you to revisit your most successful endeavor over the past three years and think if there is anything you could re-test about the model. Perhaps you were an inch from discovering a relatively easy way to scale your efforts or results. So many people are so close so often, and then just lose hope due to temporary or major setbacks.

    The money is usually on the other side of that heavy boulder. Better find some leverage. There must be a crowbar around here or something ...
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