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FollowLiker Tumblr edition review

Discussion in 'Tumblr' started by kalefornia, May 1, 2015.

  1. kalefornia

    kalefornia Newbie

    Apr 24, 2015
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    FollowLiker by weblues on BHW, Tumblr edition, 1-account license

    All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not compensated for this review in any way!

    General impressions:

    Immediately upon hitting the "start" button, my first impression was that FL did the job quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. I had expected the interface to be confusing because previous reviews had described the initial setup process as time-consuming and confusing, but because I had skimmed the user tutorial first (which was very straightforward and informative), it took only 5 minutes to get the whole thing set up and running. I set my settings so that the program ran at a really fast rate (see below) and within only half an hour or so from clicking the "download" button on the FL website my program had followed ~100 users already and I had already gained ~10+ followers in that half hour. I really love the real-time activity log, which lets you see EXACTLY what the program is doing at that moment (ex. follow user xxxx, scraping users from search query xxx, etc.). Basically, user interface is really simple and friendly and because I was only running 1 account I didn't have to mess with mass importing accounts or dealing with proxies (PS: you don't need proxies if you're running 5 or less accounts, in case you didn't know).


    Because I used to manually do the exact processes FL does every day and had been doing so for a few months now, I decided that I'd just take the risk and set my settings so that the software ran really quickly.

    Scrap user limit: 210
    Daily follow limit: 180-210 (tumblr's daily follow limit is 200 anyway so no need to go overboard!)
    Delay follow: 2-15 sec

    Unfollow after: 3 days
    Daily unfollow limit: 264-543
    Delay unfollow: 2-15 sec
    [x]Don't unfollow followers


    I did notice that between every task FL would pause for 5 minutes before moving on to the next task, and I don't see any settings that can change or get rid of this long pause. I think I did see somewhere else that these settings can't be changed for the security of the user's account, but I do think that users should have the freedom to configure these settings as they like, but maybe I'm just dumb and can't find the settings for this.

    I also couldn't find the settings for changing the scraping users so that the software would scrape only users who had liked/reblogged a specific post instead of just scraping users through the search query terms. I have just contacted support about this; hopefully this is something that is possible in FL! Or, again, maybe I'm just dumb and can't find the settings. Will update when support gets back to me.

    One last really minor thing: I wish my blog stats updated in real time instead of having to go through that minute-long refreshing task. It would definitely be nice to be able to watch my follower/following count bump up slowly! Not a big deal though :)


    Really good. Before buying FL I had a few questions about things like the return policy and what settings to use. The support team was very patient and VERY speedy in responding; I typically got a response in under 4 hours. The language wasn't 100% professional and some of the answers were vague, but it's clear that the FL team stays on top of customer support! It feels good to be reassured that if I ever have a problem I can just shoot them an email! I'm confident that my latest questions will be answered by tonight :D

    Is it worth the price??

    This was my initial concern-- at nearly $50 for just a ONE ACCOUNT license (though the license is fully featured, which is SUPER nice), FL isn't exactly the cheapest option around. Now that I have it running, I don't regret spending that much for the software (I got it practically free anyway because I had recently been given $50 for participating in a research study...lol), but I definitely do feel like the price should be a bit lower. Nevertheless, the quality and efficiency of the program is amazing and I would definitely encourage those considering FL to buy it! The FL team is very reliable and I have total confidence that future upgrades to the program will add even more awesome features.
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  2. fredfred547

    fredfred547 Power Member

    Oct 6, 2014
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    I love FL and glad you do as well. More importantly though, it's nice to see a Newbie making high quality posts like this. You have contributed to restoring my faith in humanity. Keep up the good posts like this one!:You_Rock_