FollowLiker resulting in dropped engagement?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by youngruski, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Hi, just set up followliker on an aged account (10k). I'm liking/following/unfollowing 7am to 11pm. Started numbers low and increased about 50 per day to about 400 for follows/unfollows and 500 likes.

    I'm noticing my engagement dropping a bit. It could be just because of the content, but I fear Instagram is pushing my posts down on the newsfeed because they're suspicious of automation. Could this be the reason, or am I overreacting?

    I need to take very special care to ensure this account is not disabled as it's my workplace's account. Any help would be very much appreciated
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    May 11, 2017
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    I am actually experiencing something similar for the last 1 month ( being automating for the last 6 months). My account is a year + old, and now follow/unfollowing at about 600-800 /day for two different accounts. After some experimentation, I found some targeting combination that I kept for the last 3 months that was resulting to adding 60-110 followers per day for the 1st account and 50-90 followers for the 2nd.

    Now for the last month I have seen a decrease on the daily followers by appx 50-70% which is huge, considering that I didn't change any parameters at all!

    A similar story happened with my twitter FL accounts (somehow no one uses it here! :p) . At some point I was steadily adding up to 100 followers per day, and suddenly fallen to 10-30 (!) I then paused the automations for 2-3 days, and when resumed I returned back to 100+ avg per day, the success lasted though just for a week, and then again the followers fell down again!.. now, despite pausing my automations again for several days I still see more limited success. :mad::mad:
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    Drop in engagement is not due to Instagram or Followliker (if you're safe with settings). It is due to the thousands of accounts that stopped engaging because they were being botted with MP.

    Yeah, now we know how many accounts were on MP. Sh*tloads! Slowly those botted accounts will come back, when their handlers switch over to Followliker. Right now ex-MP users are on the sideline waiting to see what will happen to FL.

    If FL stays working, ex-MP users will cross over to FL. My thoughts is that in about 2 months, we'll get "botted" engagement back on... if that's a good thing; which I don't.
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