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    Dec 3, 2017
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    I'm going to buy 20+ accounts and FL
    I need help setting things up
    Looking for someone to walk me through how to add accounts, set up posting times, make sure everything is in order so I don't waste money and accounts get banned.

    The accounts are going to be from valar (he's in the market place for anyone wondering)

    I'm going to just be posting on each account twice every 30 minutes. No f/unf, no likes or dms... the accounts literally are just going to be spam posting a set of hash tags for code/link.

    If you are bored and wanna help, drop me a pm, or tele.. Thanks!

    Again, I'm familiar with bots and what not, (mostly video game bots, diablo 2, world of warcraft, ect..) I know I could just watch a couple youtube videos and figure it out on my own, I just really want someone with experience to walk me through how they would set it up, that way I can watch and learn and avoid simple mistakes that can cost me in the long run.