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Jul 14, 2023
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I'm having an issue with updating my followers.
Recently, one of my reels blew up, resulting in a significant increase in followers.
However, I've noticed that the number of followers I receive doesn't match the number added to my follower list.
For example, I receive a notification that I got 20 new followers, but my overall follower count would only increase by 4.
All the followers are real people, so it's not a case of Instagram deleting bots.
Unfortunately, due to this problem, I've lost nearly 1000 followers.

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar issue and if they were able to resolve it.
Sometimes instagram occasionally experiences glitches or delays in updating follower counts. This can be frustrating, but these issues often resolve themselves over time. You want to reach out to Instagram support for assistance and keep an eye on your follower count to see if it eventually aligns with the notifications you receive.
Agree, nothing to worry about. Same thing like with youtube and views count
Sometimes this happens and they don't even allow you to scroll down the list of the followers. I guess it's their anti-spamming measure or something like this. You can continue to use your account normally.
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