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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by anthonynyc, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Jul 23, 2015
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    I've got 3 questions for you guys:

    1. What is you typical followback ratio? Mine is roughly in the 20% range, in other words, for every 100 accounts that I follow, I get about 20 followbacks, sometimes more and sometimes less. Is this a good ratio?

    2. I have an account that I manage manually, meaning I follow/unfollow manually every hour or so. I never discriminated against private accounts but it has recently dawned upon me that following private accounts who do not follow you back can become problematic in the future. Is there any way that I can somehow find and unfollow all of the private accounts that I have a pending request on and who are not following me?

    3. Since I became aware of the issue in question 2, I have started using the following method: I find the most recent picture posted by a large account in my niche and follow about 100 users who liked the picture in one go. I then immediately unfollow all the private accounts to avoid problem in question 2. Since the private accounts make up roughly 40-50% of users, I end up actually following about 50 users per hour. Do you see any room for improvement in this method other than clicking on each single account to see whether it is private before I follow them. This would be much more time consuming but would allow me to actually follow double the users per hour than I do now.
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    I can only answer question 1. Question 2 has been answered many times already, just search the forum.

    Based on my experience, 20% for botting is slightly above average. I have heard some people can get closer to 30 or even 40% but you need to really pin down your niche and understand your competition. Obviously having good original content will increase your follow back and/or keep your followers when you start unfollowing.
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    1. ~60-80% My accounts are all in popular niches though, some are my bigger pages 50k+ get 80%+, usually follow ~1000/day and about 800 followback because my page is established.

    2. You have to keep a list of everyone you follow, so in future you can go back and unfollow the ones that didn't allow you.

    3. If you use a bot, it can auto follow and skip private profiles, etc.