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    Mar 6, 2011
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    Hello community,

    My project is to start my own webcam site. On my blog you can see how I will work to make it successful. You will found many information about adult webmastering: SEO, Affiliation, tips, etc...

    Of course I will need your help. If you could share knowledges and experiences.

    For the moment, I post my links and some articles about adult web mastering. That is just to make some content and share my experience.

    But the main idea of my blog is to make a video series: "How to start up a Live Cam Site: From A to Z". I would like to show you the casting, my marketing strategy, my ideas, the beauties of Europe and European ladies, my traffic statistics ?. Well a real live adult laboratory!

    So if you like this project subscribe to my RSS or the RSS of this thread, because I will carry on posting in this thread all the episodes of my adventure.

    I go to Budapest in about a week. That will be the date of the real starting.

    Have a great week everybody.