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    So the other day I started a thread asking for hope on how to pick out a niche after research is complete

    No one replied, but don't worry. I got this shit.

    I ended up picking out a niche that I know a lot about so I will not have to do hrs of research to write quality content, I've already done that I'll just be putting it all in once place along with products from amazon. SO after I decided that I would be able to write content about this niche (remember I'm short on funds) and not get absolutely burnt out on it after writing 5 articles, I picked out an EMD (exact match domain) .com. I already have hosting, I've dabbled in other projects before like youtube/clickbank plus my own personal site.

    So after installing wordpress and putting some minimal theme on it (I'll have to mess with the theme later, I suck at messing with the code and design and all that crap) just to get the webpage live, I stayed up until 2:30 am that night on 2 1k word articles that I posted. And some how when I got up this morning, googlebot had already came by my site and by noon I had 6 search results for my keywords. 3 from bing and 3 from yahoo.
    I have a notepad next to me. I am sitting back with the notepad and writing out exactly what I need to get done right NOW! along with what all I should do today. Like right now on my list I have: hunt for some images to put in my post that I have finished writing, a long with images for the 4 or 5 post that I will write out before I go to bed tonight. That should last me the next few hours.

    See, I learned that I have to have everything listed out. I see what needs to be done and I know about how long it should take me to do it, and if I waste any time with being distracted by either, learning from products (yes I've downloaded so many products to learn from), reading forums which I wrongfully label as learning and research (in fact it just gives your mind something to do), or god forbid to just waste hrs away on reddit. By writing out my task list I have been getting things done. Also I've never really had problems writing essays so article creation isn't that hard, it's just there is always something else that I would rather be doing, but I have also discovered that writing out an outline makes it leaps and bounds easier. Spend 10 mins writing out the outline and BAM! you can bang out an article in no time just hit point after point after point.

    Alright I've distracted myself long enough. Time to get back to work.
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    Honestly .. I think everyone wishes you luck in your journey

    but less text for people to read and just stick to the basics.... We don't need to know what time you wake up in the morning lol.
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    Best of luck for your journey man
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    best of luck with your journey
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    Best of luck on your journey bro.

    But as Danny points out, you might want to start structuring your posts a little easier to read. Use sub-headings etc..