Follow Liker error or bad quality Videos on Instagram, any tips? /Guide

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by likethehat, Jan 16, 2017.

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    Apr 16, 2013
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    What I'm doing so far:
    Instagram account with no proxy just for my music

    I am trying to achieve getting videos with fairly good audio up onto instagram

    what i can gather so far,

    If i post 1280x 720 mp4 ... Follow liker may post BUT 99.99% of the time it errors
    size 3-15mb
    follow liker mostly errors with "Unable to post - 202 Transcode timeout response from instagram"

    if i convert to 720 or 640 size
    using this MacX HD Video Converter Pro For Windows ( trial version is ok for this

    The converted files sound good before they upload
    The smaller files are more likey to upload ok with follow liker

    BUT when they get to Instagram they are really poor quality

    Either FollowLiker or Instagram is killing them with the conversion

    Anyone got any advice and tips to get Videos on Instagram with Follow Liker with acceptable audio for music?