FluxSEO.com Keyword Optimization System announced today

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by codecompiler, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Today with the release of 1000 URL submission FluxSEO.com has started to inject systems with the knowledge of being able to get the URL's with Keywords tied to them submitted and the ability to join the FluxSEO.com Botnet group.

    This was done to be a charity giving company. Also if anyone has any software they 2 want built on this site we will happily manage all. As you can see we are coming out strong. Our systems we have created we have patented for our company but will also be looking to further our grasp on this market. Our system has been tested and with 3.5 million users able to do our backlinking and direct hits for a site and Keyword Search Optimization.

    So with this all coming out I am now bored. And need more projects. If people want to run our botnet and help out great if not our system is free one per day for direct url submission with a confirmation email.

    Now I have some super idea's in the making but only want serious people that want to devote to making these projects come to fruition. Now I will offer to help blackhat people see this come to the table but want people that have sites with analytics to use as a case study.
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    decide yourself.....is it blackhat or whitehat because you posted about this FluxSEO in both places....... about your post, i don't understand very well what you say..... if you are searching for someone with analytics on site i have it on all my sites (have about 50-60 sites)....so what do i need to do to help you?