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    Flixya is a video sharing site for those who don't know. You put up your adsense on your account and you get 100% of the revenue.

    I have created a browser based bot that will fetch random youtube videos and post them to flixya using the same title/description/tags. If a video has more than the flixya limit for tags or description, it will fail to post that video but will still continue to grab random videos even if a video cant be viewed for some reason. The more followers you have the more money you will get. I had an extra computer so I just ran this bot 24/7 and got up to around 2k-2.5k impressions a day and got anywhere between $5-10 from literally just clicking play after I had my followers.

    Here you can see a video of the bot in action Flixya - zonfar's library

    If you want to test run it, you can download a demo here

    The demo will pause the script after every video that is posted so you must hit the play button for the bot to continue after each video is posted.

    I also have a bot that will gather account id's and follow them. I have followed over 13k accounts less than a day. I am willing to sell this bot for $25.

    If interested or have any questions contact me on skype anytime as I cant guarantee I will be checking back on this thread

    skype: zonfar

    A quick recap of prices:

    Flixya video poster: $50
    Flixya id gatherer & follower: $25