Flippa sold prices


Dec 1, 2023
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What’s the easiest way of downloading sold prices from Flippa?

I know how to search for it but want to create a spreadsheet.

Tried site scraper and it went mental downloading 3000 files and would require sorting to go through.

Any thoughts of an easier way
Flippa doesn't provide a direct export feature for sold prices. The manual method involves using search filters, recording information, and potentially contacting Flippa support. Be cautious with data extraction tools and ensure compliance with Flippa's terms of service.
chatgpt joined the chat
I wondered why it looked so familiar!
It's like the wife - learnt to pretend to listen!
hahaha exactly i dunno whats the benefit of ppl using chat gpts answers. I mean then i could rather ask chat gpt directly
In the end got someone from fiverr to do it fairly cheap - was 4000 products in the end
Let me know if anyone wants the data - no cost but willing to trade

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