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    This program offered by Fling, and some other associated websites is giving $200 for each webmaster you get signed up which is able to get at least ~4 referrers to sign up (sign up is totally free and also pays $35+ per member sign up). I want to be able to put the webmaster section to the test before I go promoting it everywhere. This is why I'm offering $150 of the $200 to anyone who wants and is able to be an "active" webmaster for at least until you get 4+ sign ups...

    "Program will pay webmaster two hundred dollars ($200) per active webmaster referred to the Program. For the webmaster referral program an active webmaster is defined as a webmaster that has sent a small number of customer signups (the number is randomly between 4-8 to prevent fraud) to our sites shown here. Family members are not eligible as referrals and any attempt to "cheat" the program will result in immediate account termination."

    pm me I'll send you my contact info.