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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Hi. I am looking to create flash banner ads in the following dimensions.
    (728X90) - (160X160) - (120X600) - (300X250) - (125X125)

    Have it look classy, clouds and blue sky, use colors feel from http://www.envisionfreedom.net , embedding the following pictures - picture of me and Lisa and logo of "the secret." Also, please embed a ?click to learn more? button in the slides. Have the text loop in the following (4 loops)...

    1.) Stop struggling in this economy.
    2.) Recession proof your income.
    3.) $150K+ Income Potential.
    4.) Get your free business overview now.

    I understand that some of the dimensions will be limited in space. Please do the best you can to combine everything based on the instructions. Also, I will leave it to your discretion to make any mandatory adjustments based on the dimensions. Thanks!
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    Still need this doing? PM me if so.