Flash/AS3 Developer:

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    Flash/AS3 Developer:

    We're looking for a front-end developer whose tasks will mainly consist of creating applications using the Adobe Flash platform. You will also be updating existing projects. Our environment uses FlashDevelop and the Adobe Flash IDE, but don't let that limit you.

    Although not required, any knowledge regarding mobile application export (specifically exporting from Flash CS5.5) would be useful, as well as mobile application optimization.

    Responsibilities include:

    Maintaining existing projects
    Developing new applications based on our existing codebase
    Skills Required:

    Must be proficient in Actionscript 3.0
    Object-oriented design and analysis
    A passion for programming
    Ability to develop code in compliance with company standards
    Team player
    REALLY Strong work ethic
    Additional Skills:

    Understanding and creating streamlined User Interfaces for various applications
    Familiarity with the Flash IDE
    Mobile application optimization skills would be beneficial
    Knowledge of AMFPHP (a Flash-to-PHP communication platform)
    Other web skills are a plus: PHP, Javascript, HTML
    Please include samples of your code/projects and resume when applying.