fixing keyword cannibalization

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    I have been searching online how to fix keyword cannibalization because I think my site is suffering from it.

    One way is to link from the inner pages to the homepage

    I am not sure what anchor text to use.

    I have about 30 inner pages. When linking to the homepage, do I use the same anchor text on all 30 pages, or do I vary it?
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    I may be wrong, but if im not wrong,
    Most websites work like this.

    If you have a menu item called "Home", that will be a site-wide anchor text.

    The same case as category tags.

    But if you are referring to manual interlinking, then of course u have the option to diversify your internal anchor texts.

    Another thing i notice from my recent experiment is that, when i use same keyword on all post to point to my landing page, my keyword totally disappeared from serps.
    When i edit them to diversify, my keyword came back into serp.

    So, over-optimization is real.
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