Fiverr.. to withdraw or not to withdraw


Jan 30, 2013
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I have two Fiverr accounts with around $150 in each. I've been thinking about withdrawing that money using a different IP address and different Paypal email addresses to the same paypal account. Do you think this will get me banned? Is there anyone who withdraws money from Fiverr with different Paypal email yet using one account?

I don't know what to do, the only other option would be using a friends Paypal. I have another paypal linked to another credit card, however it adds all the balance to the pending transactions and doesn't let me use that amount for 30 days :/
if you're cleaning cookies, using proxies and different paypal emails you shouldn't face any problem. so my word is that you can do a withdraw.
1) Withdraw
2) Use ccleaner
3) Restart Router to change IP
4) Add a 2nd email to your paypal account and withdraw
5) Profit :D
It dont harm if you withdraw it anyway

But live with risk, its your choice :)
I always use my fiverr earnings to buy guest posts, so I leave it all in.
Ummm, I didn't face any ban yet from fiverr. I am running 3 accounts on fiverr, and having only one verified PayPal. I use to withdraw my earnings on a single PayPal address.
Use different Paypal only. others things are safe.

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