Fiverr spy tool. Find winning products and services. Analyze demand and competition based on data not stars.

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Received my FREE review copy of this service, here is what I think:
So OP sent me a zip file with lots of excel files these files had lots of scraped fiverr gigs data segmented by categories.
This data can be put to use in many ways specially if you want to launch your own gig this data will surely help to research the top performing gigs in provided categories.
And there was method posted on the forum to use fiverr lead generation/selling.
This data would be perfect source for that method:

There are 243 Excel files divided into categories. (Business, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, etc). There are also decisions within categories (Business-Data entry or digital marketing- influencer marketing). With these divisions, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Inside each file, you will be able to find Gig name, Number of reviews, Gig URL, Seller URL, Price of GIG, Ranking, Orders.

There is also one file that has all categories inside. 173k Gigs :)
You can sort these gigs according to orders and maybe you can find a gig with many orders and less competition. Just an idea.

I was given a free copy of the spreadsheets to provide an honest review.

What do you get?
  • 244 CSV files containing scraped data from 243 service categories on fiverr.

This was not what I expected but is actually really good. I thought it was just a single file with all the categories as tabs but given the All Data file is 35mb and I am not interested in a lot of the categories, having the files broken down as they are is actually much easier to work with. The only thing that could be improved on the All Data file is there should either be a column to show category so you can filter or the categories should be added as tabbed sheets.


I sell on Fiverr and was interested to see what information had been scraped for my service categories. I had been looking at adding a few new gigs and had not done the research as yet. The data you get is pretty basic, but being able to sort by Price and Reviews has helped me very quickly narrow down services which I will replicate in the future. I also found my services listed... :)


This is a hell of a lot of data and is quick to scan and find services which you might want to replicate given your skill set. Fiverr is all about the reviews, so you still need these to get going but that is always going to be the case anyway. I will be taking a closer look at the data in the coming months and creating a few new gigs ;-)

The Fiverr spy contains big amount of useful data
Database is niche specific
Links to product pages and links
Most gigs requires specific skills
Interesting topics
Easy to open and access
Data segmented based on no of reviews

Overall i found Fiverr spy tool to be lot of help
Thanks @kelturon
what is the last date it is updated?

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