Fiverr Really Sucks

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by makii, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I doubted the effectiveness of a fiverr gig in getting good clients but decided to give it a try. After all, why not do it and get actual and specific knowledge on how it works.

    So I did a small gig on AMR blasts. I needed a good list for my good clients so why not have someone else pay for the list?

    The first thing that was very obvious is that 90% of the people who ordered from me have no idea of what they are doing. All gave me their home pages and I had to give a few tips on what an anchor text meant.

    There were some great clients though. Actually super good. Those were the 10% who knew IM. They understood what I was doing from the very beginning.

    Then of course there's the mandatory scammer. Fiverr really needs a better way of dealing with their own clients rather than siding with them over the provider. A guy orders a gig and does not supply his anchor texts. I send enough notices to him but he doesn't supply it until the gig has been marked late. I wrote to fiverr about this but they refused to respond.

    I have no choice but to supply his link reports. Immediately, he delivers a bad ranking. Of course with free links. :18::18:

    So my 100 orders and 3 weeks on fiverr have taught me a few things.

    1. If you are serious IM provider, just avoid it. Its better to go to dp.
    2. Your time is better spent getting links for your own sites or better paying clients.

    The good thing though is that I found some very good clients but the notion that there is anything to be made there is highly overrated.
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    I had my fair share of exp too..while most of the ppl are alright..10% of them just leave bad feedback without communicating..thats too harsh. we people are trying to make some money from hard work too and why should they be so quick to judge?

    When i buy gigs from others, i have exercise great patience in settling matters and i don't understand why others cant do the same..
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    Wow, and I recently posted a few gigs there. Not sure if I am looking forward to that anymore :(
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    At fiverr, buyers suppose 5 dollar a very small amount, so they buy seller services easily.
    In this way the sellers get orders but its not useful for the buyer.
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    Yes, I completely agree with this. Although I love the idea of Fiverr, it's just not supported enough. They don't listen and really can't help you.
    I just received a bad feedback from a buyer who didn't provide me a link to give views and I repeatedly asked him what the video link was.
    And then he left bad feedback. And now I have a 50% feedback rating because I'm new and now no one is going to buy from me.
    How ridiculous. They need a better system.