Fiverr pissed me off so I launched yet another clone...

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by darkmonk, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Its been a long time since I've posted on BHW but I've been lurking for years. I am finally moved to post because as has happened to a few others here Fiverr decided to randomly block me, so I made yet another Fiverr clone. They really pissed me off. You get a standard form letter reply and they won't tell you anything other than a link to the TOS. BS.

    Well, not exactly a clone, I'm taking it a bit different direction than most of the other clones, trying to add something unique.

    I just want to build up the site and then maybe flip it. The problem I'm having now is trying to figure out what to SEO for or how to promote the thing. I don't think any other Fiverr clone has done much if any SEO. Probably because of the same problem I have, figuring out what the heck to target since its so broad. It would be interesting to find stats on what types of gigs sell the most, and then go after those. You have to get both sellers AND buyers.

    But if I just want to flip it, maybe it doesn't matter. I see the value in a clone site not in the transactions but in the list, thats where I think you can make more money with it. Am I wrong?

    What does BHW think? Just blast away links across every niche? I bought ScrapeBox and I was thinking of buying a Twitter marketing tool once I manually get to the magic 2,000 follower mark. My site has been live for 4 days and I've already got a few hundred followers. No traffic to the site yet though, only a handful of visitors.

    It feels weird getting back into the online marketing scene. A few years ago I was building "link wheels" with my own tools and there were hardly any services for that. Now its everywhere, commoditized.